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Scooter from the category DIRT SCOOTERS. Dirt scooters are designed to be able to ride on any terrain - Dirty, BMX trails, bike paths, skate parks - you name it! If you want to take your riding to the next level, then this type of scooters for you! You are only limited by your imagination - Earth is now your skatepark!

Headset - SCS (standard compression system).

Level of optimal sport loading: 5


  • Material: Handlebar: 4130 Cr-Mo steel (height 22’, width 20’), super soft grips, Clamp: 4 screws, Head: Al 7005 alloy Crossbar: steel. Deck: 5’x23, 5 ’Al alloy 7005-T5, extra strong construction
  • Wheels: |CNC steel core, 200x50 mm|
  • Headset: SCS
  • Brake: |Alloy steel|
  • Footboard length: |36 cm|
  • Handlebars height: |95 cm|
  • Weight limit: 100 kg
  • Quantity of pcs in carton: |4|
  • Level of optimal sport loading: |5|

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