GT 300 adjustable speed skate


GT 300 prilagodljivi tekmovalni rolerji

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New in-line skate in GT series from "SPEED series-inch- collection. The skate is primarily designed for kids and beginner speed skaters.

GT 300 skate is equipped witch special chassis, which allows attaching 3 wheels up to 100 mm or 4 wheels up to 84 mm diameter.

Boot with collar holds children foot better above the ankle and gives child better certainty while skating. Collar is tightened by buckle with opening protection.

Skate shell is made of solid and very tough PP (polypropylene). On the outside the liner is made of quality, solid, but very tractable PU (polyurethane) – carbon flash. This material with designed shape, lacing and instep contractive strap fixes foot in the boot ideally. Skate skeleton is adjustable in 4 sizes range. Designed construction and used materials take shape in very low skate weight. This advantage turns out especially for beginner speed skaters on race track while racing or just while casual riding, while others can’t handle their high tempo. Skate is equipped with TEMPISH RADICAL wheels, which are characterised by high adhesion and surface roughness absorption, low wear and very low rolling resistance. Wheels rotate on quality, accurate ABEC 7 CHROME hi-precision TOP SPEED bearings with rubber dusters and minimal rolling resistance, provide faster ride.


Level of sport optimal loading 4.

Wheel size: Radical 85A/100mm.

Screw diameter: 6mm, length 32 mm

Size: 31-34, 35-38


  • Recommended use: Beginners and advanced skaters, speed skating, training skating.
  • Category: |Racing speed|
  • Shell: 3-piece with adjustable size - EASY PUSH system, adjustable front part shell by tough PU material, the supporting part and upper part - PP material.
  • Inner material: Reinforced Nylon / PVC with sharp-shiny finish, anatomical padding with a higher structure of the inner shoe for firm and better skating and ankle protection.
  • Chassis: Made of two support parts of aluminum alloy, reinforced with by pressed parts. Fixing system to shell: ideal position control chassis, surface finish - matte black with printing.
  • Wheels: RADICAL
  • Diameter of the wheel: |100 mm|
  • Wheel hardness: |85A|
  • Bearings: |ABEC 7 chrome steel + rubber washer|
  • Brake: |No|
  • Fastening system: One AUTO LOCK buckle, lacing and instep strap with Velcro.
  • Size adjustment: |Yes|
  • Quantity of pcs in carton: |6|
  • Level of optimal sport loading: |4|

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