SPLASH minilongboard


SPLASH mini longboard

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With its size 32’’ it is more likely a classic skateboard, but bigger truck (5,5’’) and wheels of 63*48 mm size put it somewhere between classic skateboards and current longboards. It is board suitable especially for city riding as a "means of transport-inch- and fun also, basically it allows you to perform tricks typical for both skateboards and longboards. Board shape is close to pintail and therefore this minilongboard is designed especially for riding in streets, quays, parks and sorts of paths. The board is moderately hard especially because of smaller size and width. Therefore it could be well handled and read. Quality grip 80S holds the sole on the board. Longboard is designed for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders.

Board flexibility: 3 (softest 1 … the hardest 5)

Level of optimal sport loading 3


  • Recommended use: |Recreational sport.|
  • Board material: 8 plates – Russian maple tree
  • Board shape: |concave|
  • Board size: |32-inch-|
  • Grip: deluxe grip tape 80S
  • Cushion: PU casting 92A SHR
  • Wheels: 63*48mm
  • Diameter of the wheel: |63 mm|
  • Truck: |5,5-inch- New Diamond truck|
  • Bearings: |ABEC 9 chrome steel+rubber washer|
  • Weight limit: 100 kg
  • Level of optimal sport loading: |4|

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