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The classic roller skate are equipped with four wheels, which are in two rows. Suitable for recreational and sports fitness skating, dancing on skates. TINY PLUS are made of genuine leather and uppers are equipped with crystals. Medium padded boot with the transition to comfortable (softer) reinforcement above the ankle ensures comfortable movement. Lining is made of a moisture draining BK mesh. The truck is aluminum alloy .
Wheels Quad 54x32mm 82A.
Bearings ABEC 7 chrome.

Level of optimal sport loading: 3Size: 28 - 17,7cm

Size: 29 - 18,5cm

Size: 30 - 19cm

Size: 31 - 19,5cm

Size: 32 - 20,3cm

Size: 33 - 21cm

Size: 34 - 21,7cm

Test: Comparison of leather and PVC skates -



  • Recommended use: |Dancing, animation and regular ride indoor or outdoor|
  • Shell: real leather, strongly reinforced shoe with the transition to a comfortable reinforcement in the area above the ankle - provides comfortable movement
  • Inner material: moisture-draining material BK mesh
  • Chassis: AL alloy
  • Wheel type: |QUAD PU HR|
  • Diameter of the wheel: |54 mm|
  • Wheel hardness: |82 A|
  • Bearings: |ABEC 7 chrome|
  • Brake: |PVC, replaceable|
  • Fastening system: laces
  • Quantity in carton: |6|

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