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TRITON BLACK STORM C hand made is the highest model of skates designed for in-line hockey in the collection of TEMPISH skates. The MESH Ultra C chassis has been attached to the skates additionally, so you can see the manual rearrangement of the chassis (see photo). The skates are designed for intermediate, advanced, experienced and professional in-line hockey players. This model is primarily designed for in-line hockey, which is played on concrete or asphalt. The new TRITON BLACK STORM C is refined in detail to be stronger, more durable, more comfortable, and withstand the heavy loads and demands of in-line hockey when playing on asphalt and concrete.

The MESH Ultra C chassis meets even the most demanding requirements. It has specially developed axles that have a shape adapted to be fully embedded in the chassis and thus form a single plane with the chassis. The special SELF-LOCK system enables easy loosening/tightening of the screw.

Very light and strong shell of the shoe has excellent anatomical shaping and optimal bandage where needed. Extremely concave ankle shell together with inner bandage material with memory ensures excellent skate control and comfortable playing feel. The inner insole is anatomically shaped. The shoe is equipped with a replaceable instep protector on the inside and outside. A spare set of these protectors is included. The outer material of the shoe is made of tough PU with inner structure ”CARBON” for greater resistance to mechanical damage. The anatomically shaped tongue is centrally reinforced with plastic reinforcement. The skates are equipped with TEMPISH RADICAL wheels with a hardness of 85A. The wheels in the RADICAL series are very tough, have high wear resistance, low rolling resistance, and are very stable.

What makes TEMPISH TRITON BLACK STORM C especially suitable for in-line hockey on asphalt and concrete?

RADICAL wheels
external removable protectors
durable PU outer material
reinforced chassis TEMPISH MESH ULTRA C

Wheel size:

size 37-40 wheels: 72 / 76mm (chassis S)

size 41-44 wheels: 76 / 80mm (chassis M)

size 45-47 wheels: 76 / 80mm (chassis L)


Size: 37-47


  • Recommended use: |Professional inline hockey, high load, advanced and experianced skaters|
  • Category: |Inline hockey|
  • Shell: resistant PVC, TENDER nylon, reinforcement in the stress areas, side instep protectors
  • Inner material: CAMBRA 50Z brushed nylon, anatomical inserted insole
  • Tongue construction: Anatomical, 3 parts. felt 8 mm
  • Construction: Anatomical shape of the shell in ankle area
  • Chassis: Special reinforced AL alloy, thickness 2,8 mm, construction – monocoque, embedded axles
  • Wheel type: |RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels|
  • Diameter of the wheel: |72 mm|76 mm|80 mm|
  • Wheel hardness: |85A|
  • Bearings: |ABEC 9 chrome steel|
  • Brake: |No|
  • Fastening system: |Special antislip laces|
  • Quantity in carton: |6|
  • Level of optimal sport loading: |4|

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