ULTIMATE SH 60 JR hockey skate


ULTIMATE SH 60 JR hockey skate

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Hockey skate especially developed for intermediate players, performance and amateur sportConstruction of skate tolerates even higher regular load and is adapted to the demands of active playersHockey skates is equipped with TEMPISH AIR blade.Extremely anatomical shape of the shell and of the reinforcements in the ankle and Achilles tendon areas adapts to the foot and ensures a comfortable feeling during the play thanks to the used bandages with memory CLEERON 013S and CLEERON MEMORY in two layers. Reinforced and anatomically shaped tongue protects the foot and helps to comfortable movementStrengthened laces are resistant to abrasive wear and allow tightening skelet to a foot according to the individual requirements of each player. The strength of the entire skate is increased by the thin sole made of extra hard nylon.

size range: 35 - 37

insole lenght:

size.: 35 - 22,0 cm

size.: 36 - 22,5 cm

size.: 37 - 23,0 cm



  • Recommended use: |Amateur competitions, recreational sport|
  • Outer material: Special resistant PVC (light-flexi 3D) - resistant against absorption of the water, elastic until -25°C. Skate adjusts perfectly to the shape of a foot. Technical fine-micro nylon.
  • Inner material: CAMBRA 26Z brushed nylon, anatomical removable lining
  • Tongue construction: Anatomical two-pieces tongue with 3D construction edge, material: special resistant PVC - (light-flexi 3D) + felt 8 mm
  • Construction: Extremely anatomical inner boot shape in the ankle and Achilles tendon area, layered construction by LAYERS MEMORY OPTIMAL FIT technology which ensures tight and comfortable foot position in the boot.
  • Lining: Anatomical lining with memory CLEERON 013S and CLEERON MEMORY in two levels
  • Blade: TEMPISH AIR stainless steel, blade shape - a large rocker for the technically skating hockey players, HRC 53-54
  • Fastening system: Laces with intislip cover
  • Quantity of pcs in carton:

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